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SanoTint impresses with its rich palette of hair dyes. A unique line is the Sensitive Series, created for particularly demanding clients. It is safe for pregnant women and friendly for allergy sufferers. These dyes do not contain ammonia, parabens, silicones, metals, paraffin or formaldehyde. Thanks to this, coloring becomes at the same time care. The range of SanoTint hair care products also includes shampoos, hair masks, cleansing and regenerating oils as well as styling products, including the revolutionary hairspray.

Migliorin is a brand particularly liked by men. Its effectiveness in combating hair loss is impressive. Cosmetics and food supplements from this line have in their composition: golden millet extract, amino acids included in the basic hair component - keratin, vitamin B5, lactic acid, panthenol, silk proteins and oligoelement complex (iron, zinc, copper, magnesium). The effects of application appear quickly: hair becomes stronger, shinier and - most importantly - you have more hair!

Locherber is an extraordinary line of cosmetics for face and body. The flagship product of the brand is the Hypnotic Viper lifting cream, which contains a peptide simulating the action of a snake venom. In combination with hyaluronic acid and shea butter, it allows you to keep your skin elastic and supple.

The brand's offer will benefit people with very sensitive skin and allergies because cosmetics do not contain harmful chemicals.

Cosval is a rich range of dietary supplements and vitamins, created on the basis of natural ingredients. Adults will find here effective means for stress, insomnia and constipation, natural analgesics and gluten-free lozenges with magnesium and vitamin C.n plant extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals, adapt to the special needs of the skin and support the treatment of its problems. The offer includes facial and body creams, face masks, tonics and scrubs. All products combine two things: natural composition and Swiss perfection.

Locherber Milano is a brand that creates unique fragrances for body and interior: unique perfumes, intensely fragrant candles made of natural palm wax, glass diffusers with bamboo sticks, perfumed fragrance stones and bags filled with the aromatic essence of sea salt.

All those who appreciate the convenience and speed of online shopping, search www.bebeautyempire.co.uk, in which the entire range of all five brands is available at all times.

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