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Mannequin, the art of perfume meets fashion.

BeBeautyEmpireUK presents Mannequin, the original and revolutionary perfume diffuser inspired by the world of art and haute couture.

The renowned Italian "genius", the know-how of master craftsmen, the charm of uniqueness: what distinguishes Mannequin is its expression of that inexhaustible creative and visionary vein that distinguishes Made in Italy products.


Mannequin by Locherber Milano recalls the exclusiveness of the sartorial creations, but also the mysterious charm of De Chirico's muses.

The use of noble materials such as Canaletto Walnut wood, steel and glass, increases the exclusivity of this unique, irreverent, unconventional and exciting object.

A charming, mysterious and aromatic fragrance is suitable for such a fascinating object: Mannequin is a sophisticated and seductive fragrance like an haute couture dress, which opens with citrus notes (bergamot and pink pepper) and evolves into herbaceous scents (Artemisia), amber (Labdanum) and spicy (Saffron). The finish is warm and woody (Vanilla, Cedarwood, Myrrh and Amber resin).

Available as a Diffuser with sticks (a 300ml and 500 ml refill) and 100 ml Eau de Parfum with a bottle made of Belgian glass and a Canaletto Walnut cap.


Visit BeBeautyEmpireUK and contact our Team to buy the complete range of products from Locherber Milano, which for generations has dedicated itself to cosmetics and to the home perfumers with passion and seriousness. It offers safe and high-quality products and fragrances, selects only the highest quality raw materials for the composition of fragrances and takes care of every detail of the design.

Unique and enveloping creations that make the places in which we live special.


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